Five of the weirdest chairs in the world

Come in... take a seat... if you dare!

Chairs, couches and stools can underscore the design philosophy of a room, offering style and comfort in thematic unity with your space’s other furnishings. Or they can be really, really weird things that you’d never sit on in a million years – no matter how interesting they are. Here are five strange seating arrangements from around the world, to marvel over while you decide which of Malmö’s two-tone chairs best suits your lounge room.

Why throw shopping trolleys in the creek when you can make a sofa from them?

It takes a special mind – or a Transformers fan – to look at a shopping trolley and think, “That could be a really uncomfortable couch.” That’s where Dutch designer Etienne Reijnders comes in, upcycling discarded material to create stylish new objects. If you’re despairing that you’re never this creative while doing the groceries, here’s the good news: you get your $1 coin back when you return this couch to Coles.

Degana Kailjo’s stools are like sitting on hair (there’s a reason for that)

Don’t panic – even though Kailjo described them as “pretty heads to sit on”, they’re not made from human hair. These nit-friendly stools are crafted from the finest horsetail hair, which can be put in a ponytail (ha!) if you prefer. Upkeep has got to be a pain, though, doesn’t it? If you’re putting these things in your home, it might be best to stock up on some Pert 2-in-1 and a GHD hair-straightener.

Cristóvão Canhavato’s Throne of Weapons is made from decommissioned guns

Never mind the Iron Throne in Westeros – Mozambique-based sculptor Cristóvão Canhavato built this amazing chair in 2001, and it arrived in the British Museum a year later. The guns – mostly AK-47s – that make up this piece are decommissioned weapons that were manufactured in Europe and used in Mozambique’s civil war. Unfortunately it’s behind glass and watched by museum staff, so you can’t sit on it and pretend to be a modern-day Queen Cersei.

MONA’s shared seating is comfily organic

Of course, you don’t have to go to London to see some odd seating – down in Hobart, the Museum of Old and New Art has a couch that can accommodate at least eight people... and make them feel like they could be taken by a tentacled beast at any moment. Located in the Organ Space, this blobby offering is actually very comfortable – especially after a day walking the beautiful grounds and galleries. Lie back and you may not get up...

Pac-Man makes a surprisingly good chair

The elder statesman of videogaming might not get much of a run these days, but in his day he chomped plenty of scary ghosts (and cherries). These days he’s apparently become a piece of furniture that would look amazing in any living room – until your partner comes home from work to find you sitting in it and says “Absolutely not.” Awww...