Free Chair anyone?

Malmo Living Furniture Promotions.

We love our furniture here at Malmo Living.  Our designers have created some amazing pieces fit for your modern lifestyle.

We also love to provide a good deal.  

So we are launching permanent furniture promotions.  

We want to give you the great opportunity to update your living space with quality Malmo living dining chairs, lounge chairs or bar stools.

This is a genuine ongoing offer.

If you purchase a set of 4 chairs, one of them will be free.  This 25% discount is over all of our chair range.

Check out the full range here.

Looking for a set of 6 more more?  Please get in contact and we can assist.

You can reach us via:

Facebook messenger

or simply call us on 0468 440 224  

Lets take a look at some of the chairs now available.


Genova dining chair

Say hello to the Genova dining chair, designed by Claudio Bellini.

An amazing design. Featuring striking geometric arches, a wide seat base and chrome legs. 

Normally $189 per chair.  A set of 4 is now only $567, a 25% discount. Which equates to $141 per chair.


Florence dining chair

Another Bellini design is the the Florence dining chair.

Also featuring chrome legs, the detail is in the crossing patterns and thin to wide seat shape. This has so much going for it. 

Again it is 25% off when purchasing a set of 4 for $567.


Positano dining chair

Looking for a chair to update your outdoor patio and something that can be used inside.

Look no further than the Positano chair.  This premium two colour blended chair is beautifully designed, light weight and easy to stack and move.

With the 25% discount, purchase a set of 4 for $507.


Malmo Lounge Chair

Or are you looking for something for a more formal setting. But with a modern style.

Then we recommend the Malmo lounge chair.  Its upholstered off-white finish with smooth black refined legs make it a great match for almost any existing home styling.

The Malmo is priced at $299 per chair. With the promotion price, you can purchase 4 chairs for $897, or $225 per chair. 




Amalfi dining chair

Want an even bigger promotion?

Check out the Amalfi bi-colour dining chairs.

Featuring a black and white design with chrome legs. 

Normally $159 each. A set of 4 is now $400. This is a huge 37% discount at $100 per chair.