The vision of Claudio Bellini

The Milanese designer reveals his aesthetic

Milanese designer Claudio Bellini is a very pleasant guy, with a refreshing lack of ego for someone so talented and beloved.


We met Bellini during the International Furniture Fair in Shanghai this year. He was at the stand of one of our manufacturers, promoting his latest designs – and surrounded by fans of his work, which is unsurprising when you consider his accomplishments.


When you visit the man’s website, the full scope of his vision for interior design comes to life. A refurbished industrial warehouse is the scene of his team’s work, and it’s here that some very serious and deep thinking about the things we sit on happens.


When Bellini designs a piece of furniture, he is always thinking about the context it will live in, whether that’s at home or in an office, in Italy or Australia. His philosophy is to design for function – but not to impose that function.


“The secret, in my opinion, is not to force too much in one direction in design principle; but to understand that in this globalised world there is a multitude of... different cultures,” he told Box in a Box Idea. “So, basically, we have to follow a form of ‘light thinking’; which means to provide an operative system where we are reducing as much as we can the components and details that are not really needed. And to come with a platform that is single, functional, clean and clear that can be used and personalised in different ways.”


Take the Genova chair, for example, which shines with originality while also being very versatile, suitable for many different spaces. It’s a unique piece that won’t overwhelm your personal design, moving between traditional and cutting edge spaces.


Another great Bellini offering is the Milan – easily the most comfortable rocking chair we’ve had the pleasure of kicking back in, and another understated statement piece.


These original designs are much better quality than the replicas you’ll find at other furniture outlets. Our manufacturer also produces pieces for high-end Danish brand BoConcept, so you can be assured these chairs are built to last