About Us

Home is where your story begins


We launched Malmo Living to provide Australians with an opportunity to get fine furniture at affordable prices. 

For too long, a few large companies have controlled furniture retail in Australia. You know what that’s led to; very high prices, limited selection, weak online shopping and a poor customer experience.

We want to change that.


Malmo Living is an online, customer-first shopping experience dedicated to bringing you the best in fine furniture at affordable prices. We work with renowned designers and international providers to find great deals on modern, high-quality furniture. We secure big discounts and we pass these savings on to you. 

We’re just getting started and we’re beginning our offering with furniture for dining rooms, bedrooms, studies and living areas. We hope you will browse around our collection and find something that you like. Over time, we’ll add to our collection and find new ways to bring you even bigger savings.

We’d love to hear your feedback as we build Malmo Living, please register for our e-newsletter, connect with us on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest and let us know what you think.


To good living!


Dave and Pete

Founders, Malmo Living